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In my opinion, there are no reasons in the world that can be used, let alone justified, for demolishing old historical buildings and it was simply a historic crime to demolish old historical buildings. However sadly, it is still happening everywhere in the world, especially in Indonesia. There are nevertheless a few old historical buildings left and they are mostly either left unmanaged let alone restored, or perhaps  just waiting their faith to be demolished…? What a shame if a country and its people have no respect of its history …….
Here are some pictures of The Grand Looking Old Colonial Buildings:
Balai Kota DKI-Jakarta
Now is the Jakarta Governor’s Office, located in Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan.
Budi Kemuliaan
Though it was no longer exist, some of the old wings now is Budi Kemuliaan Hospital.
Gedung Arsip Nasional
Now is beautifully restored and maintained and still used as The National Archive Building, located in Jalan Gajahmada.
Gedung Sositet Harmonie
This grand looking colonial building was the sositet where the Dutch masters gathering and has gone, demolished for the extension of the President Palace. 
Part of the garden of the old Istana Negara (State Palace)
Hotel Central
Hotel Central though the beautiful old colonial building has been modified beyond recognizable, it is still on the corner of Jalan Veteran and Jalan Juanda and become Hotel Sriwijaya.
Hotel Des Indes
This grand old looking colonial building has gone, demolished and replaced by Shopping Mall, located in the corner of Jalan Gajahmada.
Hotel De Nederlander
Kali Besar
A scene in Jalan Kali Besar, the main business district in the good old colonial days, where a few remaining of old building and warehouses are still found in this area.
MMB Kartika
MMT Depdagri
This grand old colonial house is still perfectly in good condition located in Jalan Prapatan, besides Hotel Aryaduta Prapatan.
Another beautiful old colonial houses and buildings that are still standing handsomely and hopefully they will stay handsomely forever:
The former residence of Dutch Regent in the colonial days and this elegant looking old building and what a pity if not tragic that it will soon become hotel…..
A grand looking old Protestant Church called “Gereja Blenduk” or The Dome Church in Semarang.
The Railway Station in Semarang that still stand since the Dutch era,
This grand old looking building is now a Military Office in Situbondo, East Jawa.
A beautiful small Protestant Church that still stand in Bangil.
A beautiful colonial type of house in Pati, Central Jawa
This grand old looking building was the residence of the Dutch Regent in Pati and now used as the Military Office (Bakostranas).
Part of the former Dutch Regent residence in Pati.
Typical colonial house in Solo and now is a Book Store.
Another old building in Solo and now is a museum.
A wing of the Palace of Sultan of Yogya .


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