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Schiermonnikog is one of the 5 islands (Texel-Vlieland-Terschelling-Ameland-Schiermonnikog) in the north part of Holland, in the Fryslaan region. From Amsterdam I drove up north to Groningen and continue to Lauwersoog and took ferry around 30 minutes to the island.

Schierminnikog is around 14 sq kilometers, a third of the land is cultivated and the rest is kept as a preserved nature.
Inhabitants around 900 people, but during the holiday seasons, the island is flocked by tourists around 1000 people in and out every day, mostly the Germans. Cars from outside is restricted, only allowed by a special permit issued by the Major of the island.
The centrum is dominated by a gate of the jaw of a 30 meters long Blue Whales that was drifted ashore in the year 1950.
This little resort town has everything a little tourist towns must have: Hotels, Cafes, Book Store, Bike Rentals and a tiny super-market with a complete set of groceries one might needs ….
However, the most surprising of all was that I found a rather unusual things, especially in a tiny remote islands:
An Indian Warehouse, provocatively decorated with Indian flag and Indian Rickshaw that sells all Indian stuffs, you name it, they have it ……..
And …..
It is perhaps something that will not even come across in my wildest imagination: a snack that is identical with my home town Semarang, in Central Jawa, which is well-known for its “lumpia” (or known as Chinese-roll). I found a snack bar in the island serving just that: “Loempia Telor” ….. 
I told the owner that I come from the town that has the most famous “lumpia” in the world. Politely she gave me a warm smile and said: “You better try our loempia and you will not remember again your home town lumpia …..” So I took the bet, sat down and waiting to be served with the supposed to be the most delicious loempia in the world. Well, when it finally comes, I beginning to feel home sick ……
Quite honestly I did not know what it was, but I swear to The Almighty God that I would not, by any description, call it a lumpia … Well, the tragic was that I have to pay 8 Euro for something I supposed to win, for heaven’s sake ….. but being a good guest, I told her that her lumpia was certainly “different” … I was not saying it was the best after all…..
Wander around the island can be done by many means of transportation, you name it:
Walking in a small group…….
Walking in bigger group ……
Or walking in privacy ……. (gotcha)
Cycling in small group ……
Cycling in bigger group ……
With horse powered cart ……
Or a bit more modern, by tractor powered kind of trailer …..
As always, there are people like to do a more adventuress way of spending their leisure’s, by playing with the tide looking for shells…….
On top of the hill, there is a bunker built by the German army during their occupancies of the island in World War Two.
Well, if one like to clear the mind, forget all the boring routine pressures and relax, Schiermonnikog certainly is the best place to do just that.
Wandering around or cycling or simply walking in many criss-crossing alley or pad along beautiful and colorful houses.
Apple tress are every where, where one could just help oneself along the pad…..
The road is spotlessly clean with trees along sides.
The houses are mixed, new villas …..
to very old houses……
Walking the dogs is kind of ritual in the west, but one has to watch for this sign when walking your dog in the island ….
In this island, apparently, there is another ritual, not just the dogs, but horses need to be walked too….
and the people of the island have a unique way to walk their horse, the Dutch way of course, by walking their horses by the fiet …..
As it is the case in the other islands, there is no High School facility, so as soon as the children of the islands reach the High School, they will have to go to the main land. The case also applied to medical facilities, if one gets seriously sick, then either a helicopter or special speed-boat will carry them to the main land…...
However, in any case, safety of the people and their properties is important and every town, regardless the size, must have “Brandweer”. Although the people of the island have not heard the sound of Brandweer sirens for a long long time …… but the fire volunteers are always ready when bad things happen….. God forbid!
One little tip, visit the island when in the full moon…..   it is fantastic ……..
Hope you enjoy the article and the photo and see you in the next article ….

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