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Along The Rhine

The most beautiful part of the Rhine actually is from Koln to Mainz. However, due to time constraints, I only managed to cruise along the middle part, which is: From Konigswinter to Linz.


This intimate but rather sad looking two donkey statue for whatever the reason, stand in the heart of a beautiful village resort of Konigswinter. This resort also known to be the host town of many International Conferences that normally held in a rather grand looking buildings located on top of one of the Siebengebirge mountains.
Konigswinter resort village located on one side and another beautiful small town by the name Bad Godesberg is in the other side of the Rhine:
The two sides are connected by ferry for both passengers as well as cars.
From the distance, we could see the ruins of Heisterbach castle dated back around 13th century.
Wandering around the town along the river is just nice, by either walking along the shady walking path:
or with a rather feminine colored tram:
The beauty of the town makes even a little girl feel obliged to share its beauty with her doll friend and she was even explaining to her dear doll friend, perhaps acting as the tour guide. Watching that, I am sure even The Almighty God smiles…..
The Rhine
The Rhine is one of many rivers in Europe I always like to cruise and having done part of it, I must say that it is the most beautiful river I ever cruised along so far.
Rhine is a busy river with traffics of all kind of river means of transportation: boats, cruising ships, cargo ships, yachts, name it.
However, along the Rhine, we could see picturesque sceneries, characterized with many things, from beautiful villages:
Restaurants and cafes in traditional architecture styles:
Old churches:
And of course, camp sites:
The campers nationalistic sentiments stand out and it can be seen from the flags they raised …..
We could also see a historical crossing point in Remagen, where the first American soldiers crossing the bridge when invaded Germany and it is now a protected historical site and call: “The Peace Point”, with both Germany as well as American flags raised on top of the twin towers.
Because of its beauty and reputations, many rich and famous have villas, mostly located in the hills there, including, I am told, the world Formula-One racer Schummy:
In the year 1993, the worst flood in history was recorded, whereby the level of the river rise up to 3 meters, which caused many causalities along the Rhine, of both lives as well as properties.
Linz, a small town along the Rhine is an old colorful and beautiful wine village. The main square of the town is still characterized with shops in old architectural style, they call it “Timbered Houses”:
This town, as I was told, is rather famous for its rheumatism treatments and it could well be the reason of an old woman sitting statue in the town square:
I drove from Linz to Koblenz to end my trip there. Koblenz is a city divided by the Rhine and it is a hilly city.
This town is in fact sits in a kind of delta, where the Mosel river on the left   joint the mighty Rhine on the right:
Koblenz is both, an industrial, as well as one of the most visited tourist town in Germany:
I was told that besides “The Big Ben” of London, Koblenz has one of the most pictured clock in the world. The old clock was made in the year 1887 and it is perhaps as old as the town itself …..
…….and still perfectly working……
Hope you enjoy reading this articles as well as the pictures …… if not, then don’t tell me!
See you in the next article….

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