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Les Gets and 'Rumah Apolonia'

Yanneke and Faisal a friend and indeed a family, for quite sometime invited me to visit their Chalet down in Les Gets. It was only a few days ago that we were able to accept their invitation and regretted not to take it earlier, when we have more time to spare.
Les gets is located near Geneva, actually it is in France territory, near the border of Swiss or about 10 hours driving south from Amsterdam, through Belgium, Luxemburg and into France. It is a little and beautiful winter or ski resort, which nearly empty after the winter seasons is over. All activities are nearly stand-still, except a few cafes open in the evening and groceries shop open after 1 and closed after 6 pm.
We arrived rather late due to many detours caused by road blocked for maintenance for the coming winter seasons, so my state of the art GPS could not do much about it, except advising me to take another routes. It is highly advisable, when visiting France, one has to have a reasonable command of France language, otherwise one might see many helpful people, but stuck with the communication, except singing and dancing with hand and body language …
With almost no oral communication, only body and hand language and a lot of map sketching, the very helpful France people eagerly help us, the wandering strangers, out of our misery, in the middle of equally a strange country. Finally around 10 pm we managed to find the place and we were relieved when we spotted “Rumah Apolonia” …
Rumah “Apolonia” is a beautiful old house, beautifully decorated in kind of “native or ethnic” style. The name “Apolonia” is chosed and dedicated to the good memories of Yanneke’s Moeder (Mother). I must say, it is a house with “one million dollar” view, located in a hill, looking over the village of Les Gets, while in the distance stands majestically a rack of mountains of Les Hauts Forts, as far as eye could see…...
It is no need to have a morning calls alarm, because around 6 am in the morning, the rather nice sound from the bell hanging in the cow’s neck, the typical Swiss cow’s bell, started making a peaceful sound, while the cow moving about to start their routine business, grazing the nutritious grasses in the open.
The only bakery in town is “Les Sapins”, opens around 7 am where one could have a warm croissants and coffee, as a friend of mine says that the best and healthy breakfast is a set of: France croissant, Dutch cheese and Italian coffee….. I would not argue with that.
In the winter seasons, the cable car/gondola is in operation to take skiers to the top of the mountain, simply to slide down the hills back and forth, as much as they possibly could affords …...
In the evening, the singing, dancing and indeed drinking start in many cafes around the town. However, one of the famous café, in Les Gets named their bar by equally the most famous name in the world, see it for yourself …..
In the winter, the town comes to life, flocked by thousands of people around Europe, right from, ordinary tourists, enthusiast to professional skiers. Morzine, a bigger town about 7 km, offers much more activities than Les Gets. Besides many hotels, even more in number, chalets and bungalows are available for rent in the area, during the winter seasons ….
Yanneke and Faisal move about, if not amongst their already established children in USA, or in their hiding places around Europe. While the couple are fully equipped to take life glamorously, on the contrary, they take life easily in a style that make even the rich and famous envied……
Hartelijk dank Meneer and Mevrouw…….

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