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The Alps

A friend of mine says that The God must have been in the good mood when HE created Switzerland….
While in Les Gets, I took the opportunity to wander about the “Les Grande Route de Alps” (The Grand Routes of the Alps), the most famous of the most grueling part of “Tour de France”, around “Col de Joux Plane” (don’t bother to pronounce it, if you are not a French…)
In my opinion, the cyclists are the  best amongst all athletes in the world. While I enjoyed very much watching the famous “Tour de Franc”, but when actually driving around that particular routes, even I have the opportunity to lived 3 lives, I don’t think I could have the power, stamina, let alone the will, to cycle around  that particular terrains…  
While in that particular region, I also took the opportunity to get as close as I could, to the famous “Mont Blanc” (4.808 mtr high). I drove to a small resort town Chamonix where the Mont-Blanc tunnel (around 20 km) starts in France and end up in another country, Italy. The beauty of driving around western Europe is that, while we are enjoying the beautiful and picturesque landscapes, without realizing, we are already in another country ……
Arrived in Chamonix in order to get the opportunity to climb up (of course with the cable car) to see and take picture of the supposedly picturesque Mont Blanc.
However, unfortunately the visibility on the top was poor, so I decided to take whatever I could from below.
To me, sliding down the hill skiing is dangerous enough, however to some people, apparently a more daring sport of racing the adrenaline is more demanding than keeping dear short life in tact, by negotiating the razor sharp rocks of the mountain paragliding…….
It is interesting ti note that, the color of water of the river in this area is milky and coming from glazier …..
I am told (without bothering to proof it myself), that the water is clean enough for quenching the thirst …
My visit to The Alps was very short to really fully enjoy the beauty of its surroundings:
However,  as long as there is a cable car to take me up there …..
I will come back….. Bye for now Alps…..

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