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Minangkabau Highlands

Minangkabau highlands, a mountainous terrain is located in West Sumatra that I think has the most fertile soil on earth. Everywhere we look is just green with plentiful rivers, streams, waterfalls, and lakes.
Minangkabau people, is the only matriarchal society in Indonesia, with a very thick Moslem heritage.
Any direction we look we bound to see a Mosque.
Minang people also have a very unique architecture houses normally called “Rumah Gadang” (literally means big house). One particular Big House that is still stand, was built around more than 400 years ago.
However, one of the architecture wonder is the Palace of Sultan of Pagaruyung, with typical “buffalo horn” shape of roof.
In Bukit Tinggi (S 00.18.447-E 100.22.161), a hilly town there is still well maintained Fort De Cock, a look out point , built by the Dutch many years ago, during the colonial days, with cannons pointing out to every directions.
However, the most visited point of interests in Bukit Tinggi is the “Ngarai Sianok” (Sianok Canyon)
It is interesting to note that the Minangkabau official state colors is very much resemblance the German Flag. First I thought that the town was welcoming a German Soccer Team.
To a German tourist, I met in one of many panoramic look out, I asked her whether she noticed it and she said with a thick German accent: “Ya ya, that make me feel a bit at home here ……”
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