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I must say that the emotional relationship between Indonesia and The Netherlands is bone-deep. There is quite a sizable related to Indonesian community in Holland, be it of so called “The Indos”, (the mixed blood between “the colonial masters and the inlanders) and of course “The Mollucans” (The Ambones origin) that preferred to live in Holland after the independence of Indonesia from the Dutch occupancy for 450 years. Between the so many “Non pure Hollanders” the communities of both, the Indos and indeed the Ambones are nicely  mixed in the pot, in compared with so many immigrants of other ethnics.
Many cultural events and exhibitions of Indonesia are held every year, such as “Pasar Malam-Tong Tong” and others, the above “Pasar Peron” is one of many interesting cultural events held for years in Holland. This particular event is always held in “The Spoorweg Museum” in Utrecht. After 3 years of absence due to the renovation of the museum, this year in August, the Pasar Peron was back, unfortunately however,   I was out of Holland during the event.
Pasar Peron was a kind of nostalgic event, whereby the decorations, as well as the people involved in the event were dressed in the old colonial attires. All the trains of the good old days were put up on display and one of the attraction was an old train, back in the colonial era of “Staatspoor Company” the Dutch train company in the colonial days in Indonesia. The old grand looking steam-locomotive was donated by the Indonesia government years ago to the museum and the museum named it “The Mountain Queen”.
During the event, in the big hall of the museum, one could find everything with heavy Indonesian flavors. The famous “kaki-lima” (roadside vendors), packed the hall selling anything of Indonesia origin, be it the traditional foods, snacks, handicrafts, you name it, they have it. Cultural performances were also performed and   the event, as always, have to be “signatured” by the performance of the famous dear “Tante Lien Show” (Mevrouw Wineke van Dort, of course is an Indo), singing old Indonesian hit songs in the colonial days. Since I was not be able to attend the event, therefore there are no photo of the event in this article. However, I was told that it was one of the memorable events of Indonesia in Holland ….. well next year.
When in Utrecht (a beautiful student town), do not forget to visit the Spoorweg Museum.
Here are some of the highlights:
Not just old stuffs are on display, apparently old spelling too … Londen where is it?
Any good train station must have Gentleman’s Hair Salon in those days …
The hall of the Spoorweg Museum.
The grand old steam engine ….. with its equally grand looking lamp ….
Colorful glory ……
As strong as a fort …….
Simply muscles ……
Another pieces of old trains ….
Bye for now …..
Hope you enjoyed the article and see you in my next articles ….

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