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A Day-Out with Citroen 2CV6 Club

When visiting a friend, Felix Baas, he shown me an interesting advertisement in the news paper about a company renting the classic Citroen 2CV6 Club (The Duck), a car that I have been dreaming to drive, for a long time……. a dream comes true indeed.
A company with a rather strange name “Huureeneend.NL” (Rent a Duck) located in Amersfort is run by two guys, Mark Hukema and Rien Tilstra and they have 6 well maintained Citroen 2CV6 Club for rent and another two are still under rebuilt. These two guys were a devoted fan of the old Citroen 2CV6 Club and around one and a half year ago they decided to turn their hobby into a business ventures.
It is interesting to note that these car has so many nick-names, depending on the country it goes to, for instance: the Dutch called it with a rather cynical name: “leelijke eendje” or “The Ugly Duck”, the German call it “Lehme Ente (Lame Duck), the Greece call it “vatrachos” (frog), however it has a more respectable name in its own country France and they call it “deux chevaux” or “Two Horses” for what ever the reason was, perhaps it was related to the Horse Power….?
These Citroen 2CV6 Club were produced during early ’50 up late ’80, basically to satisfy the French farmers with a reliable, cheap and easy to maintain car and more importantly, to be able to carry around 100 kg of produce and negotiate the rather rough and bumpy France farming terrains. These car has unbelievably soft suspension and when driving it in a rather taught terrains, it swings nicely, as if we were sitting in a boat ……….
Both Felix and I decided to rent this rather unique car for one day and we picked up the black color, which apparently has a name “Ebene”. A quick tutorial was absolutely necessary in order to be able to drive this particularly unique car, with its equally unique way in how to change the gears, which totally different with the modern cars.
There are 3 alternative routes, for which we decided to pick “The Betuwe Tour”, about 175 kilometers long that runs through beautiful Dutch villages and along the dijk.
Here are some pictures of our day out with, well, “The Old Duck” we called it ………

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