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Bintan Island

Bintan island is the biggest island in the newly formed Riau Archipelago Province, where the capital, Tanjung Pinang (N 000.54.082-E 104.27.827) is located. The island is located around 50 miles south east of Singapore.
The island lives on the inter-islands trading, some bauxite mining and tourism. The north part of the island known as Lagoi is reserved to cater the foreign tourists, especially Singaporean and Malaysian.
Lagoi Beach
This area is beautifully laid out and heavily guarded, to make sure that foreign tourists have both the privacy and security. Many foreign Hotels and Resorts with Golf Courses operate in this area and they charged tourists in hard currencies.
There are more than 5,000 thousands people working directly or indirectly in this tourism industry. The mostly lived within the guarded area in kind of compound, complete with Dormitory (for the bachelors), Apartment (for the family) and housing (for the higher rank staff), including traditional market and shopping center. Well, it is a town by any means.
Unlike Lagoi, the other beach, called Trikora located in the east part of the island. Legend has it that the name “trikora” comes from the first tourist into the island and saw “three corrals”. However, the majority prefer to relate the name “trikora” (literally means: the three commands of the people) a term used by the late President Sukarno to create “nationalistic euphoria” when he declared a confrontation against Malaysia. This Trikora beach, regardless where the name comeing from, is reserved to serve the local tourists, obviously less developed in compared with its counterpart in the other side. There are many local hotels and guest houses along the beach and the currency used in this area is obviously the “soft currency”……
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